I'm Whole-Grain Crunchy – How #Crunchy Are You?


So many mom blogs out there, new and old, refer to themselves as “crunchy”. Truth be told I had no idea what in the world that term meant. For a while I thought it had something to do with frazzled nerves or being humorous. After finding that I was being passed over for Eco-conscious events for sites that were openly referred to as “crunchy” I decided to do some research.

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I didn’t have to go very far when I found this article by Wrinkled Mommy that laid it all out for me. To my surprise I am semi-crunchy (I sound like a granola bar – delicious, lol).  My actual score on the test was 91 “Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!”  According the the criteria gathered while Wrinkled Mama stalked, I mean researched, crunchy blogs and forums “crunchy” moms typically follow these guidelines or try to do these things in their every day lives:

  • No Shampoo – “poo free”
  • No Disposable diapers – no “sposies”
  • At home birthing
  • Drug free birthing √
  • No circumcision – “circing”
  • No vaccinating – “vaxing”
  • Extended Breastfeeding (at least over one year) √
  • Baby-led weaning √
  • Baby wearing √
  • Co-sleeping √
  • Full Time Parenting (don’t we all???) √
  • Homeschooling √
  • Organic eating – grow you own veggies and limit consumption of meats √

I failed the “crunchy mom” test — Juicy Gossip Of A Wrinkled Mommy

Click here to view original web page at www.wrinkledmommy.com

 Is “crunchy” the new “hippie”?

After hearing the term “crunchy” over and over again…I decided to educate myself as to what it really means to be crunchy. I had an idea of what it was about, but didn’t know the full realm of it all.

Take the actual test here:  How Crunchy Are You?


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