Inspiration to Get Gardening

Pipe supports for garden netting

photo credit: rexhammock via photopin cc

Even though my garden plot is now clean and mostly free of weeds and debris I can’t seem to get motivated to go plant.  No seedlings were started this spring because I just couldn’t seem to make the time or the space.  I need to go to the greenhouse and buy some seedlings.  My husband called my garden ‘crap’ because I used whatever scraps I could to build it by myself and it’s not up to his “high” standards.  That may be the reason I’m feeling blah towards my garden.  If anyone else had said that to me I would have ignored it and told them (in my head anyway) to go fly a kite.  It’s not like they are going to come over and bring me the raised beds and dirt and help me set everything up so why should I care what they think.  It’s not on their property anyway.  But when he said it to me it felt like he was drilling me into the ground.  I didn’t want to spend much money on the project because we have other more pressing monthly expenses to cover so I did my best to make my “dream”, albeit small, a reality.  He never offered to help.  I had to beg for dirt and a compost bin so I could start making my own instead of buying it all the time.  If I did spend money on the garden I had to defend every penny.  He’s always hated my garden, but I love it.  What gets me is that he’ll brag to others about what he’s going to go for me and how he’s going to make it better and prettier and taller, but it’s all talk.  And it’s not for me, it’s for the girls.  If it were just me he’d still be giving me crap about the time, the mess, the expense and crushing me every chance he gets.   It wasn’t until he saw that the girls loved the garden – planting, harvesting and just spending time in it did he decide that it was OK.  But it’s still crap because I put it together. So, I went looking for some inspiration, some images to get my creative and nurturing juices flowing.  This is what I found.

origin_474343270: Seedlings emerging from paper pots

photo credit: hardworkinghippy via photopin cc

Looks like some tomato seedlings in peat pots.  I discovered some volunteer tomato plants in my garden today.

Beautiful long raised beds between loose stone pathways

photo credit: Distant Hill via photopin cc

This looks gorgeous! I wish my garden looked like this.

photo credit: OakleyOriginals via photopin cc

There is such a sense of awe and warmth that comes over you when you see those first little seedlings pop up out of the ground.  It’s beautiful how simply this little bean is throwing off it’s seed cote.

Square foot gardening raised beds

photo credit: Worldharmony via photopin cc

As a proponent of square foot gardening I would love it if my garden looked just like this – even with grass between the beds!

Long narrow raised beds

photo credit: afagen via photopin cc

Narrow long raised beds – allows maximum growing space with minimal stretching to reach across.

Well organized garden layout

photo credit: lauracreekmore via photopin cc

What a well organized plan!

photo credit: pdbreen via photopin cc

Well, if you were having trouble with inspiration to get out in the garden and get dirty I hope these few pictures have ignited a flame in you anew.

What are your garden plans for this year?

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