Fysiko Lash Growth Serum #LongLashes Update

We Are Earthformed may have received one of more of the products or services discussed below in exchange for a review and/or is an affiliate of the links or banners you find on this site. Clicking on them may result in compensation for this blog.voxbox-blogimage-popup2FysikoLashesUpdateJulyThanks to Influenster I’ve had the opportunity to try Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum for the purposes of review.  As of the date of this picture I have been using Fysiko Eyelash serum for 7 weeks.  Like I mentioned in my first post my lashes have always been less than spectacular so I was really hoping for a miracle when I started using Fysiko.  For the first few days I applied morning and night.  I started to experience extreme burning and itching and so decided to reduce my application to the minimum suggested once per day.  The first change I noticed was not an increase in lash density but a decrease.  Yes, I actually started losing lashes.  The longest and thickest ones I had were the first to fall out.  Since this concerned me I felt I had to keep using Fysiko to see if they would grow back.  Since that time my lashes have started to fill in again, but not any longer or any faster than before.  I was expecting much longer lashes especially since the other reviews and testimonials I’ve read say they saw significant results in only 3 weeks.  Not so for me.

You can see above that I am wearing mascara unlike my first pictures.  Though my lashes look thicker it’s not because of the Fysiko.  They certainly are not any longer.  I’ve promised to use Fysiko Eyelash Growth serum for a full 16 weeks and I will continue to use it once per day until that time completes.  I’ll keep you posted on what my progress is if any.  Hopefully next time you see a picture of my lashes they will be longer.

Disclosure:  Received complimentary product from Influenster and Fysiko for the purposes of this review.


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