Prepping and Maintaining a Community Pool

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Summer brings with it sunshine, heat, and humidity and there’s nothing quite like being able to cool down and relax in the crisp, clean, water of a pool. More and more communities are popping up with a pool in the complex for their residents to enjoy.  There comes a great responsibility of preparing and properly maintaining a community pool.

A community pool needs to be accessible to all the residents and that can mean creating them to be beach entry style (no steps) or installing a lift for older or handicapped residents. Community pools also need to be kept in good condition whether that means cleaning products, chemicals to keep the water safe, or paint and caulk to make repairs. If evening swimming will be allowed, the proper lighting needs to be installed in and around the pool. Should the pool also contain a jetted hot tub area, special cleaners are necessary to keep the bacteria away and keep the jets clean as well as proper equipment to keep the water temperate where it needs to be.

A reliable company is needed to keep pools safe and clean for the community. Swimming pool parts at are reliable, affordable and their lifts are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulated. The community will need to decide who is allowed to use the pool (residents, guests, etc.) and most will charge a fee whether it’s worked into HOA dues or passes are sold during the season. The money is typically used for maintenance and to have trained lifeguards on duty. Not only is having a community pool a great perk for residents, it can also make resale easier should the homeowners look to sell.

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