Pudgy to Perfect: Don't Rely on the Scale Alone #RevoltNowFit Wk15

I’ve been on the Revolt Now Fitness (#RevoltNowFit) program for 15 weeks.  Like I said last week, I’ve stagnated in my progress and am working hard to refocus my efforts and move forward.

photo credit: totordenamur via photopin cc

photo credit: totordenamur via photopin cc

This week was a detox week.  I didn’t know you could grow to loathe brussel sprouts so much.  They are just hard to eat.  The flavor I can get past, but the texture is just too much for me.  Maybe that’s why they are on the detox diet – bitter and take forever to get down.  Oh well.  That’s done.  But the scale moved only 3/10s of a pound.  Yes, only .3 of a lb.  I felt like crying.

Then I had an idea – get out the measuring tape.  Though I did not lose anything in my midsection my arms and legs tightened up about a 1/4 inch each.  Well, I guess that means I have less fat and more muscle in my body.

The new Metabolic Sculpt program in this month’s Uprising has got me hurting in places I didn’t know I could hurt.  But this isn’t an OMG I hurt so bad I’m going to break if I move feeling, but more of a wow I just discovered a new muscle I’ve never worked before kind of pain.

So not so much weight down, but  –




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2 comments for “Pudgy to Perfect: Don't Rely on the Scale Alone #RevoltNowFit Wk15

  1. amy
    August 12, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Yep, the scale is not the only judge! I did the same thing the other week… Scale didnt move, but my midsection was down 1/2 inch! I like the new sculpt days!

    • August 12, 2013 at 10:07 pm

      Thanks for sharing Amy! Sometimes keeping motivated can be hard and we have to remember the process of losing weight can be tricky at times.

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