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As a garden enthusiast I am a sucker for garden ideas books. Reading through them and looking at all the fabulous pictures fills me with such joy and anticipation for spring. The colors, forms, designs and varieties of plants and flowers intoxicates me. My husband makes fun of me because by the time I’m done with a garden book the free edge looks like a porcupine with so many sticky notes. Finally I end up making a list of all my bookmarks and sticking it in the front of the book – I might as well just make my own index, lol.

May Dreams Gardens is so excited about the book Refresh Your Garden with Color that she is giving a copy away. Follow the link below to her original garden post and leave a comment for her with your email address before 11:13 PM EST on 11/13/13.

 I long for the day when I can take a visitor around my garden and not have to say, “I still need to add plants to this border”. This book is helping me to see how I can do that. In fact… I am so smitten with this book that I’ve decided to do my own giveaway — one copy of Refresh Your Garden with Color, Texture, & Form .  If you’d like to win a copy of this book, just leave a comment by Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 11:13 pm EST and include a link or disguised email address so I can reach you.  Winner will be chosen by random drawing. I’ll have Amazon ship the book directly to you, so you’ll have to give me an address if you are the winner.  Open to residents of the U.S., 18 and over, etc. P.S. –  Rebecca is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she will protest that I didn’t need to do this, but we’ll just not pay attention to her. She’s in California, I’m in Indiana.  We aren’t likely to see each other in person for quite some time. Besides, I want to Garden It Forward !

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