Settling Into a New Home

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When it comes to moving, there is a lot involved: finding a new place, selling or breaking the lease on your old place, purchasing or borrowing boxes, buying moving supplies (packing tape, padding for breakables), packing, and taking time off from work in order to ensure that the moving process, whether you do it yourself or hire a moving company, goes smoothly and efficiently. But once you’ve moved into your new residence, there are still things to do and schedules to juggle: namely, installations of various home services and the juggling of their installation appointments and your schedule.

But instead of dealing with the frustration and inconvenience associated with making calls to the various utility companies and setting up appointments, why not let your personal assistant do it for you? What, you don’t have a personal assistant? Well, if you visit, you’ll have one, and for absolutely no charge! The service offers an innovative and ultra-convenient concierge service which can help you with settling into your new home without all of the stress involved with juggling phone calls to utility companies and the resulting technician installation windows.

How does the service work? Simply click or call, and discuss with them your desired options for basic utilities, home or cellular phone service, television, internet, home insurance and security, and the extras like home automation, and cleaning services. In turn the company will make recommendations, but of course ultimately go with your preference for a provider or a specific type of utility or service.

Your concierge service is absolutely free, and setting up your desired services through them will not cost any more than it would cost you to do so yourself – except that you’ll be saving time and possibly even money, since the time saved on phone calls and setting up appointments could potentially be used for income-generating purposes! Your personal concierge will go over your budget with you, too, and you’ll be happy to know that all of the phone calls and management of appointments and multiple installations will be handled through them. Ready to save time and consolidate some of your moving hassles? Click here to learn more about concierge services.

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