Mommy's Sick #nablopomo 2/3

It’s eight thirty and mommy isn’t up yet.  I hope she hurries she needs to get me and BonBon breakfast so I can’t get to my 9:30 live lesson.  Oh dear, she looks green. I don’t think she slept well.  Let me go get the bowls, spoons, milk and cereal so she doesn’t have to.  I’d pour it myself but the jug is too heavy.

Time to start school! How irritating. I want to do SuccessMaker but the internet connection isn’t working.  MOM!!! Guess I’ll have to do social studies or math while I wait for my live lesson.

Mom took this when her fever first started going up. By lunchtime it was 102.5.

I always try to finish as much work on my own as I can when mommy is sick.  I can do math, science,  and social studies by  myself.   I love to read.  Mommy tried to help me but her fever went back up and made her tired and achy so she went to lie down.  I felt bad for her so I went to tuck her in.

I’m hungry. I tried to get mom up but all she said was try to make yourself a sandwich.  I’ve been asking to do more on my own so I figured I could do this.  Pepperoni and cheese on a bagel for my sister and on gluten free for me.  I was so proud. I called my abita to let her know I was taking good care of mommy and my sister.  After I finished lunch I worked on my schoolwork until three and then played with BonBon.  Mommy was feeling better in the evening and fried up some bratwurst for supper.

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