Tools4Wisdom Mommy Planner Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Throughout my life I’ve never been much for writing out my thoughts.  I’ve always liked writing stories and poetry though at times I feel like I’ve become an uninspired, stodgy old woman in that department.  Life became all about responsibilities and my natural inability to focus has become a detriment to me.  I try to keep organized but I find myself at times with tons of ideas and yet more scatterbrained and disorganized than ever.

The thought of making a plan and writing it down is somewhat intimidating to me.  I just don’t know where to start. Soooo, when I saw this opportunity to try a “life planner” on Tomoson I thought it would be a good project for me to embark on.  If you look at my desk, purse, bedroom, kitchen, etc.  you will find my various notes, doodles, ideas and other thoughts floating around.  Needless to say it is not the most ideal way to keep track of and manage any kind of plan or awesome idea.

The Mom Planner from Tools4Wisdom is more than just a day planner.  It’s a Month, Year and Life Goal Planner.  Yes, you can keep track of your appointments, deadlines, editorial calendar and play dates in this planner, but it’s so much more.  This is the part I found particularly intimidating. . . at first.  There is a section in the very front that is a Goal Planner.  These aren’t intended to be abstract, unattainable, spur of the moment goals, but an encouragement to write down what you want to have accomplished this year, how important it is in the overall scheme of your life and by when you WILL have it done.  Pretty heavy right?  For some people maybe not so much, but for someone like me that doesn’t plan every aspect of her day, much less her year it’s a monumental task to undertake.  The fantastic aspect of this planner is that it gives you the tools to focus your attention, draw out your ideas and mold your thoughts into tangible, doable goals.  Directly after the Goal Planning section there is a series of life categories set out with questions for each.  There is not one mom I know that is one dimensional – there’s tons of things going on at once.  This helps you break everything down into what’s most important to you and your family so you can figure out how to get it done.

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For instance, I want to get my garden redone this year.  I’m itching for it so badly that it’s making me feel anxious.  I cajoled my husband to take me to Home Depot to get the landscape timbers I needed and now they are sitting in my garage.  I was going to go out in the garden with my shovel, hoe and wheelbarrow and just move all the dirt and old wood out of the way and start leveling the sucker by hand when he said, “Don’t waste your time! I’ll bring a skid loader home and move it all at once and then I can level it at the same time.”  Great idea I thought.  Well, it’s been almost two weeks and nothings been done.  To be fair we were gone last week and the weekend was a wash with plans for his parent’s anniversary.  IF I don’t get something set in stone NOW as to when he’s going to do all those things he promised my entire growing season is going to be shot out the window and the best I’ll be able to do is buy half dead seedlings from the clearance rack at Lowe’s in mid-June and hope they actually produce something before the first frost.  Plus, I got my new blueberry, strawberry, banana and pomegranate plants from Michigan Bulb and I might just cry if they die before he can help me get the garden squared away.  I know, not life changing, but it’s killing me that I’m so close, yet so far away.  Strange, but true one of my life goals is to learn how to nag (in a nice way of course).

Alright, so this is a goal of lesser importance in the grand scheme of things, but that has a timeline requirement that is extremely short.  Not only would adding this to my planner help me visualize the plan, but it would make it easier to explain the urgency of the matter to the others I need help from.  If you have educational goals with your kids, business or career goals, financial goals, creativity goals all of these can and should be added to your planner in order of importance.

At the end is a Note section which, as I see it, can be used as a journal of sorts.  Maybe some new product strikes your fancy, but you think you could do it better.  Jot it down, brainstorm about it.  These pages have a more open format so are more useful for abstract thinking, diagramming or doodling.  Like I said before I’m always making notes about something so this would be a great place to do that and not lose them.

The Tools4Wisdom Mom Planner is available on in a 12 month wire bound edition with durable thick plastic poly cover with premium gloss from the current month to that month next year.  So if I had received this on time I would have had from March 2014 to March 2015 in my planner to use.  Unfortunately, I didn’t receive this until last Friday so I’m really giving you my first impressions of this product.  I totally intend to use this planner and keep it on my desk to keep organized.  Hopefully, putting my goals in writing will help me realize them more readily.
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