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When I was a pre-teen and teenager I got into making ribbon and craft floss friendship bracelets. I actually still have my craft boxes with a great deal of supplies left waiting for my girls to be old enough to use them. Tomoson and RainbowBandz gave me the opportunity to rekindle my love of this type of craft with a RainbowBandz Loom set complete with hook and 600 latex-free, organic silicone bands.

The past few weeks my daughters and I have been using practically every bit of free time to make and research patterns for the loom bands. I was unsure how easy it would be for my 8 and 5 year old girls to do but the basic single bracelet was super easy. Then when I learned how to make the fishtail bracelet and showed them how they started making them for all their friends. My little one was super proud of herself when she make her first fishtail bracelet for her little friend in swimming lessons.wpid-image_20140716112038190.jpgwpid-image_20140716111730919.jpg

It’s become a bit of an addiction right now in our house. We found that the single and fishtail bracelets are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve learned how to make Starburst, Hexafish, and Ameristrand bracelet patterns so far and are working on learning how to make charms to hang off the bracelets or on backpacks, purses, shoes and jackets!

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In an effort to relieve the backlog on the complimentary loom we received I went out looking for another one. In the process I learned just how awesome the Rainbow Bandz loom is! The fact that it comes in separate pieces that can be reconfigured makes producing a wider variety of patterns much easier. You can also get extension pieces and attach looms together for larger items. The loom sections can be used staggered, side by side or only two at a time depending on the pattern. We did something we later learned was a bit of a mistake. We used one loom section by itself without the use of any of the blue peg supports while the other two were being used to make another bracelet. Half way through the process of making a bracelet the section accidentally snapped. And then another broke whike trying to get it apart. It’s still usable but we have to be extra careful.

We’ve gotten into making so many different designs we need to buy another one to reduce the backlog. There are so many tutorials out there right now. Loom Love, Officially Loomed and many others on YouTube provide easy to follow tutorials for many designs.

You can pick up the Rainbow Bandz #loomkit on Amazon right now for $9.99. The set comes complete with 600 latex-free loom bands, the mini-loom, hook and three section loom board.  It’s a great craft kit for hours of fun on rainy, too hot or too cold days.  Way better than watching TV all day.

FYI- I still don’t know what they are offering free on the website http://www.getrainbowbandz.com. I checked and the only thing I found was one tutorial. A little disappointing considering the plethora of free information already available.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

50 comments for “RainbowBandz #LoomKit Review

  1. July 17, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    These look really fun! My niece isn’t old enough yet, but I hope this is still around when she is 🙂
    Amber recently posted…#Sweepstakes: La Quinta Inns & Suites is giving away 144 FREE nights Today ONLY!!My Profile

    • July 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm

      I got looking at these looms and it’s a resurgence of crafts that my dad used to do when he was a kid. He’s 67 if that tells you anything. I’m sure this or something like it will be around when she’s old enough. It’s actually got me thinking about trying to learn crochet. . . again.

  2. July 17, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    These look like a lot of fun for young ones. My kids would probably enjoy it.
    LifeAsAConvert recently posted…10 Reasons why I am Okay being Fat.My Profile

    • July 17, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      From what I’ve been reading even boys are into making these loom crafts. Officially Loomed on youtube is a 12 year old boy!!!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    July 17, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    These were all the rage about a year ago around here, but they have completely died down.

  4. July 17, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Back in the dark ages we also had looms with cloth that we made into potholders! These look like a lot more fun!
    Michele recently posted…Game of Love GA-5 Winners-WW-Review Fated By Love-Melissa Foster-Ends 8/7My Profile

  5. July 17, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    I’ve been wondering about those things the kids have been asking about them. Guess I know what I’m getting them on our next trip to the store. Love the creativity it weaves.
    Chelle @ Oh Just Stop Already recently posted…Battle the Summertime Itches with Cortizone-10My Profile

  6. Ronda
    July 17, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    The starburst pattern looks cool! My daughters L oVE their looming kit! They are constantly making bracelets for all their friends 🙂

  7. July 17, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    My daughter has a mass of these bands.. i believe she has the exact kit, and uses it daily to make different things.. pretty cool things.

  8. July 17, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    I think it’s neat how much you’ve experimented. I didn’t realize all the different patterns and whatnot one could make.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Summertime Snacks and the Printin’ is Easy #CanonPIXMAMy Profile

  9. July 17, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    We have one of these and my daughter absolutely loves it. So fun.
    Mistee Dawn recently posted…Make Movie Night even better with Pop Secret! #PerfectPopMy Profile

  10. July 17, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    I loved making friendship bracelets! And I love that this is the new version of those bracelets! They are so cute and great for any kid!
    Sara Phillips recently posted…It’s time to put a STOP to Child Hunger! #ChildHungerMy Profile

  11. July 17, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    My kids love finding new patterns for loom bands. They will ask to look them up on You Tube. For them, You Tube exists for loom band tutorials. lol

  12. July 17, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with Loom bands. I love the creative things you can make. I hate seeing bands everywhere.

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:30 am

      I totally understand. That’s one downside of the craft. I try to keep the bands organized and make the girls clean up after themselves, but inevitably I find little bands everywhere :).

  13. July 17, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    My boys love making loom bands. They check You Tube and find new ways all the time.
    robyn recently posted…Parenting is not always easy and passing judgment can beMy Profile

  14. July 17, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    My son LOVES these so much, they are addicting to him haha

  15. July 17, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    My stepson still loves doing these!
    Rachel recently posted…My Son’s Binky and I Don’t Get Along (When Your Child Won’t Keep the Pacifier In)My Profile

  16. Marya
    July 17, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    We LOVE them in our house too!!!

  17. July 17, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Rainbow looms are so popular right now! And there are a lot of fun crafts that kids can do with them. They are actually very good for fine motor skills.

  18. July 17, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    What a fun project for you guys. The bracelets look great!

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:29 am

      Thank you :). We’ve had a lot of fun making and discovering more patterns.

  19. July 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    I love seeing kids getting creative with DIY type toys. They do feel quite proud with their creations! I’ll have to remember this for my niece. Her birthday is this month!
    Sandra Shaffer recently posted…Michelada RecipeMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:28 am

      I have no doubt she’ll love it! At first I was concerned about the learning curve but sitting down with the girls just once to show them how to use the loom and do some of the basic designs got them hooked. It’s something fun we do together. We actually just got done shooting some tutorials that they wanted to do.

  20. July 17, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Some of my nieces and nephews got these for Christmas and were obsessed for awhile. however, I didn’t realize there were so many options.
    Anna recently posted…Blackhand Gorge State Nature PreserveMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Frankly I didn’t either until I started doing more research. It’s a lot like crocheting so the options are practically endless.

  21. July 18, 2014 at 12:46 am

    What a great activity to do with the kids and so many different ways to make these. Awesome!
    [email protected] Tastes Good recently posted…Kefir Pudding ParfaitMy Profile

  22. July 18, 2014 at 1:15 am

    My 7 year old loves her rainbow loom and never ceases to amaze me with how quickly she can crank out all sorts of festive pieces! It’s a great way to keep them busy, creative and so much more 🙂
    Valerie Remy-Milora recently posted…Some Goodbyes Are Harder Than OthersMy Profile

  23. July 18, 2014 at 1:39 am

    We haven’t tried this yet. Looks like so much fun!
    Debra recently posted…7 Tips for a Summer Trip The Kids Will Always RememberMy Profile

  24. Ave
    July 18, 2014 at 5:59 am

    Loom bands are now really popular here in Spain too! I have seen kids creating bands sitting on a mall floor, in pharmacy and on the street.
    Ave recently posted…Zulily Back to School Trends & DealsMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:25 am

      They are everywhere aren’t they! Wish I could take my kids to Spain one day. Was in Barcelona 11 years ago for work and would love to go back just for fun.

  25. July 18, 2014 at 7:27 am

    i dont understand the loom craze! i dont have daughters so im missing out!
    Krystal’s Kitsch recently posted…Dove Dark Chocolate Key Lime Pie Parfait Recipe #DoveTastemakerMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:24 am

      If you are into crafts this would be fun even for you. There are boys and even grown men who’ve gotten sucked into the looming craze along with their entire families. I think the aspect of trying to come up with their own designs is what gets them addicted. Plus, the repetitive nature of the task and necessity for attention to detail helps with improving focus and relaxation.

  26. July 18, 2014 at 8:09 am

    My daughters LOVE these things. I end up with a new bracelet made by one of the girls every other day or so.
    Cat Davis recently posted…Dessert Crepes with Bananas Foster Southern Butter Pecan Sauce Recipe #IDelightMy Profile

  27. July 18, 2014 at 9:05 am

    My nieces and nephews are addicted to these things! I’ve never had so many bracelets 🙂
    Stacey Werner recently posted…Make Em’ Smile this Summer with a Blue Raspberry Lemonade SlurpeeMy Profile

  28. July 18, 2014 at 9:33 am

    These were the hottest thing in my area over the winter, now I don’t see them as much, and I’m glad I no longer have bands all over my house lol… however that wide bracelet is wicked cute!
    Katrina recently posted…12 Ways to Use White Vinegar for CleaningMy Profile

  29. July 18, 2014 at 10:39 am

    I would have loved something like this when I was younger – it’s so creative and looks like it helps pass the time and fight boredom. I have always loved making colorful art projects.
    Yona Williams recently posted…Creative Gift Idea Alert: Sport BudsMy Profile

  30. July 18, 2014 at 11:55 am

    I SOOOO want a rainbow loom. And, no, I don’t have kids. I just want one for myself. I love this. Thanks for the patterns.
    Debi @ Life Currents recently posted…Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes with OnionsMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 5:57 pm

      You’ll love it. Each one of us has one of our own now so we don’t fight over it anymore, lol.

  31. July 18, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    My four year old loves making the rainbow bandz 🙂

  32. July 18, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    I would have LOVED that as a little girl! My friend’s daughter is obsessed.
    Shell Feis recently posted…Get Ready for Kindergarten with LeapFrog!My Profile

  33. July 18, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    My kids never really got past the basic chain. A year later, and they’re still doing the same one. They need to branch out! You guys have some great stuff!
    Lisa Johnston recently posted…Ten Things Every Mom Needs To Know | #KidPresidentMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 5:56 pm

      Search a little bit on YouTube and also visit loomlove.com. They have loads and loads of tutorials that are easy to follow.

  34. July 18, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    My daughter is totally nuts for these band bracelets. She makes all kinds of things.
    Debi recently posted…Anything to not make a 2nd Trip- Friday Funny PicturesMy Profile

  35. July 18, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I don’t have any girls – so I bought myself a rainbow loom kit for myself after christmas. I really wanted one after I was playing with my nieces! Love it!
    [email protected] recently posted…Sauder Edge Water Entertainment CredenzaMy Profile

    • July 18, 2014 at 6:04 pm

      A girl after my own heart. My husband makes fun of me, but I really do enjoy it.

  36. July 18, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    charlotte wants that extra big rainbow loom one we saw the other day! she loves doing her loom kit!
    trisha recently posted…5 Ways I Sparkle Everyday #SparkleWithDASANIMy Profile

    • July 21, 2014 at 2:07 pm

      I’m going to start accumulating looms little by little to make a big one so we can make larger items like purses :).

  37. July 19, 2014 at 11:59 am

    I don’t really know anything about loom kits since I have boys, but it looks like a lot of fun!

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