Gecko Monitoring Software to Help #GeckoParents Feel At Ease

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For an adult the Internet is not exactly a completely safe place. It is all too easy to run across people who aren’t who they say they are, get ripped off and find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Imagine now you are a child. You are curious. You are amazed by all the information that’s available, the games you can play and how easy it is to “chat” with your friends online.

Now imagine you are that child’s parent. You talk to them about what your house rules are, advise them on what is safe and what’s OK to visit online and what’s not. Problem is you can’t know your child’s every thought, inclination or the peer pressure they are under at school or elsewhere to do certain things. You want to trust them, but trust is something earned not bestowed. Sometimes you may even feel you can implicitly trust your child, but what is to stop someone on the outside to try and make them stray – convince them that what they want your child to do isn’t bad, but fun or somehow helpful to others.  Parental involvement is essential for young ones to know that they are loved and to form the proper views of right and wrong.  You don’t want your kids to think, “Mom and Dad don’t care so it must be OK,” do you? Who of us hasn’t “gotten lost” on the Internet?

You need to know what happens on the Internet connection you have coming into your home. It’s ridiculous to require a child to take screenshots of every site they visit, take notes on all the people they encounter or remember anything they thought was weird. That is where a program like Gecko Monitor comes in. Running in hidden mode it keeps track of every keystroke, program, website and download for you to review. You can even set up the program to email you a scheduled report. All this without your child knowing that your protective eyes are watching. If you feel inclined to inform your kids that their computer activity is being watched you have the security to know that the program is locked down by a secure password of your choosing.

I’m not at the point yet in my parenthood where my girls want access to email, social media and the ability to download apps, documents or music, but I know the day is coming. My oldest is a sharp reader and can get herself around on the PC without much help. She is very responsible and knows to ask before she goes to websites that are not school related. I trust her. I would monitor her activity just to make sure no one on the outside was trying to “get in”.

Protect your kids, your family and your information. Be a #GeckoParent and install Gecko Monitoring.

From the company:

Gecko Monitor is the complete solution to monitoring everything that happens on your
computer while you’re away. Perfect for parents who want to monitor their childs
computer or bosses who want to monitor their employees computers – Gecko Monitor
has everything you’ll need to give you peace of mind!

Combining powerful monitoring tools and stealth, Gecko Monitor has a number of great
features including the ability to monitor every website visited, every program used and
every keystroke pressed – as well as taking screenshots of everything that happens on screen.

The more advanced features of Gecko Monitor make this software the most advanced, all
in one, computer monitoring solution on the market, why not download our free trial and
see for yourself?

Takes screenshots of all windows & websites.
Logs every application used and tells you when it was used.
Logs every website visited and tells you when it was visited.
Reports what was typed into every application & website.
Monitors all printed documents, including times printed.
Emails reports to you remotely & secretly, at times set by you.
Innovative timeline feature – an easy to understand timeline of events.
Monitors all file activity, including saved, opened & deleted files.
Does all of this completely hidden, un-hides with a secret key combo.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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