Pudgy to Perfect: Tumult | Weeks 5-8 on #VenusFactor

Thanks to Venus Factor I received complimentary access to their 12 week weight loss system for women and associated community amenities.

It’s been an interesting several weeks.  Week five was hunky-dory a couple pounds dropped and not too many cravings. Week six threw my whole family for a loop.  It wasn’t the diet’s fault.  It was – THE FLU.  Oh, if only my girls had gotten just the sniffles, achiness and a high fever.  But, oh no, they had to encounter a nasty strain of stomach flu that had us all wondering which end was going to explode first.  The first few days hubby and I were queasy simply because of having to clean up smelly messes.

Then came Wednesday.  Both my girls were very sick and I was on the verge of taking my youngest to the hospital when I was hit with a 102 fever, aches, upset stomach and stabbing pains in my chest and back.  Thankfully, my baby started eating more and was able to keep food down the rest of the day negating the need for medical intervention, but my oldest was still achy, pukey and, well, poopy.  Both girls missed 4 days of school because of the flu and ensuing weakness from recovery.  I couldn’t help but think about the movie The Devil Wears Prada when the assistant wanted to get sick because she was only one stomach flu away from her ideal weight.  Is it weird that I feel guilty that I didn’t get as sick as my daughters did? With the same token I am glad that not all four of us were running for the bathroom in panic mode at the same time.

On the diet front I learned just how easily calories can add up even with simple stuff like soda crackers and ginger ale.  That’s all I had to eat most of the day while my body tried to fight the buggy invasion.  By days ends I had a cup of chicken broth, but that was all on the protein/fat front I had that day and the next.  On Friday, I was ready to cook my leather shoes and eat them I was SOOOO very hungry.  It turned out the deficit in calories on Wednesday and Thursday were OK because on Sunday, which became my eat up day I blew it out of the water.

We had a family meal on Sunday with my husband’s extended family.  This was the first time we had made food together since my mother-in-law passed away in January.  I think we were a bit in withdrawal after several weeks of almost daily contact and then nothing.  Thanks to my brother-in-law’s wife we made plans to have a Greek themed family meal and we all volunteered to make something different.  She’s very good at planning get-togethers. Sometimes I think we are spoiled just expecting she’ll hit everyone up for the next shindig.  Anyway, we had a good time and ate a lot of really good homemade food.  We made moussaka and spanikopita which my husband’s niece affectionately called Moose-caca and spank-a-pita.  She made a dessert called galactobureko made with semolina flour and a citrus syrup which was really, really good, and very syrupy sweet.  Get ready for it – she called it Galactic Burrito, lol.

Even with the severe calorie deficits the week we were all sick, sticking to the diet and watching what I eat 90% of the time I finally hit a wall.  The dreaded plateau.  I’m not too distraught about it though because I’ve lost 19.4 lbs over all and my clothes are really starting to fit loose on me.  I actually may have to go shopping! I’m not really looking forward to that. . . . unless someone wants to sponsor me ;).

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