#RunBabyBelt Nonslip Workout Belt Review

RunBaby1Thanks to RunBaby I received a complimentary sample workout belt for the purposes of review. I am not a svelte girl like the models ion Amazon. Yet this belt was long enough to go around the widest part of my midsection without pinching or overstretching.  Since this was not a gathered and zippered pouch and held close to my body across it’s width anything I put in it didn’t bounce. My phone was easily accessible through the two slots, but did not feel like it was going to flop out. It was nice to have the headphones plugged in without having to fiddle with a zipper or cover flap.

#RunBabyBelt Demo & Review by We Are Earthformed by Slidely Slideshow

I wouldn’t recommend plopping coins into the bag, but it will hold a few cards or a slim wallet with your id, debit card and some cash without sliding out. The key ring is very handy, but also a bit difficult to open since the clip is rather short making it tough to bend to get the key on and off. To use this on a regular basis want to get a key made specifically for the belt (or use an easier to open clip to clip on this) so you don’t have to contend with switching between this and your main key chain each time you go for a walk, run, bike ride, hike or roller blading.  This isn’t only good for running, but good for when you are working out at the gym – if you use mostly machines or exercises which keep you on your feet. The closure clip is a bit too bulky to lay on comfortably.


The RunBaby exercise belt is available in Orange, Pink, Black, Blue and Bright Green.  The belt is adjustable and will accommodate waists from 24″ to 48″.  The only time I had the belt slip out of position was when my shirt pulled it up.  Once I adjusted it’s position properly it didn’t move anymore, even on my slippery workout shirt.

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