ACT! Acne & Blemish Treatment Gel Review

Even though I’m in my mid 30s I still deal with acne breakouts. I’ve tried dozens of treatments over the years. Some worked but most have not.

I received a complimentary bottle of the ACT! Acne Treatment Serum for review This serum was not exactly what I was expecting. Typically when I use a serum it’s something that I apply and then go. This one though is like a gel cleanser. It does not lather like you’d expect. It glides on smoothly on a wet face and leaves your skin feeling smooth, fresh and soft.


So often acne treatments over dry and tighten the skin uncomfortably. This one didn’t. I haven’t seen significant clearing, but I have experienced a minor increase in breakouts. This was disappointing but expected when you are cleansing from deep within the skin. I’m going to keep trying.

The fragrance of the serum is sweet and herbal, almost spicy. Then I discovered it contains clove which helps reduce swelling and minimizes pain. It also explained the spicy sweetness.

From the manufacturer :


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