#BlinkCreationsLeggings Women’s Workout Capris Review

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Sometimes working out can become stale and we need a revamping of our routine.  Changing things up can help us reactivate our muscles, promote growth and shaping and improve potential weight loss.  There are lots of body weight exercises we can do, but it can be daunting to create a program that is fun and effective all on your own.  Check out this infographic of Fat Burning Exercises for Women.  They include body weight and gym machine required exercises.

For more information and more exercises, check out Mark Williams article on the best ways to lose belly fat for women.

Now that you have some great exercises to add or even begin your routine you need an outfit that motivates you to get moving. In an effort to find some comfortable workout clothes which won’t make me chafe or ride up or slide down when I’m working out I applied for this promotion to try a pair of workout capri leggings. I was approved to receive a free pair of the #BlinkCreationLeggings and tried them on as soon as they arrived. I was really looking forward to using these in my full body and leg workouts. The styling is cute and the fabric patterns appealing.

The only problem is they are WAAAAY too small. Though I ordered the largest pair they had the pants would not even come past the bottom of my thighs. I found a pair of medium size exercise shorts which I’ve had for years that I can still squeeze into. I normally wear an XL in pants and a lot of times XL is too big. This time XL was so small I couldn’t even get the pants past the tops of my knees. The fabric does not have a lot of stretch, which another reviewer pointed out would make them slide down as you workout, and it seems as if they used the wrong type of thread or certainly not enough thread when sowing on the waistband. Even if the band itself had more stretch the thread had no more to give. Then it dawned on me that I had a pair of exercise/bike shorts that are a size M that looked about the same size as these. The difference is I can at least squeeze into the shorts even if they are too tight. These pants are impossible to get into and I can’t imagine someone who actually wears a ladies M would be able to fit into the smaller size when the XL is cut more like a M. The fabric paired with the lack of elasticity in the thread they used make these fit more like a medium than an XL they were supposed to be.

It was super frustrating that these cute leggings didn’t fit. I did like the look and feel of the fabric. The galaxy pattern was a nice touch. If you are planning on ordering a pair be aware that the L-XL DOES NOT fit any larger than a 10/12 – especially if you have larger thighs like me. I don’t really know what the 5 stands for, but they were listed as a L-XL. So IF you are looking for a low cost workout legging and wear no larger than a size 12 then the L-XL may fit you. Good luck if you have thick thighs like me :(. I don’t doubt they would have fit around my waist but I would have had to tear them to get them up that high – . Back to square one.

Update: Check Out Fabletics for better fit

Recently, I signed up for an account with Fabletics.  I received an exercise top and matching leggings in my size which were a perfect fit for only $15.  They have even introduced Plus size choices.  The current featured offering is two pairs of leggings for $24.  It’s a spectacular deal.  Sign up now and you can choose from a wide array workout clothing styles in just your size.

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