StupidBright #BikeLight Extreme Performance LED Light Kits 1600 & 3000 Lumen Review

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I received these two #bikelight kits from Stupid Bright free for the purposes of review. The first one is a 1600 Lumen and the second a 3000 Lumen. Side by side there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the overall brightness of the lamps. They will be supremely useful on our westward trip this summer since we will be taking our bikes to ride in the parks and camping areas where we stay. Now we just need to get one more bike like so that all of our bikes have a headlight for the trip.

Each Kit contains –

  • Bike Light
  • Battery Pack
  • Helmet Strap
  • AC Adapter for charging
  • Extra Large O-Rings for attachment of the lamp to the head strap mount

The light beam has three levels –

  • High beam
  • Low Beam
  • Strobe for daytime warning

Thanks to StupidBright for sending the SB Series bike light kits for review. To purchase these for yourself you can find them on Amazon

SB1600: $64.95
SB3000: $84.95

They are  –

  • Water Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • Have an Extended Life Battery
  • Have a Limited Lifetime Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

Complete High Intensity Water & Shock Proof LED Bicycle Lighting System
Thanks to the feedback from all our loyal customers we have upgraded our light set multiple times to create the ultimate bike lighting system to offer the following:
· A ridiculous amount of brightness where absolutely no one can miss
· Light emittance from all sides keeping vehicles at safer distance
· Increased vision at night to easily see everything that is ahead
· A solid complete water & shock proof system for any conditions you meet outdoors
· A guaranteed 5.45 hour max run-time for those extended trips
· A trusted battery pack that simply works and will not fail
Ease of use:
· Quick & easy install that fits any bike available
· Easy 3 mode switch from battery conservation, full brightness for darker areas, to an alarming strobe for day time warning

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