My Healthy Way Double Wall #GlassWaterBottle Review

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In an effort to improve my health and overall wellness I’ve been trying to drink more water. Sometimes this gets boring so I find myself drinking more tea, flavored waters and carbonated water. I really like carbonated water and kombucha which is a naturally fizzy probiotic tea beverage. I don’t like using plastic water bottles because they leave either the taste of the plastic or the flavor of the last soap that was used to clean them in the drink – yuck.



This double wall glass water bottle helps to solve that problem by using an inner borosilicate glass bottle and an outer shatter resistant plastic sleeve. The bottle comes in 6 parts. The screw on cap, bubbler (spout part), stainless steel strainer, retaining ring, outer plastic sleeve and inner glass bottle. There is a plastic ring molded to the top of the glass bottle that locks into grooves in the inner part of the plastic sleeve to prevent them from cross threading and not locking together well. The retaining ring is the portion that has the wrist/carrying strap. This can be a little tricky at times to thread it on to the bottle correctly, but after a few times it worked out ok. The installation of the strainer was probably the easiest – just set it in and that’s it. The bubbler goes on after this and then the cap. I’ve found that if you screw the cap on too tight you could end up unscrewing the cap and bubbler together on the next use. You have to make sure you are holding the bubbler portion firmly in place before twisting the cap free of the spout. I did drop the fully assembled and filled bottle on the floor several times just to see if it would stand up to the shock. So far so good.


This configuration allows you to use both hot (even boiling hot) and cold liquids. The air space between the two sections acts as an insulator. I’ve mainly used this bottle for hot beverages and it hasn’t gotten so hot that I couldn’t handle it. I would say the warmest it’s gotten is like a freshly poured coffee or tea in an insulated paper cup like you’d get from a typical fast food restaurant. I’ve used it to make chaga mushroom tea, steep loose tea leaves and even for my morning/afternoon coffee (not to brew, but just to carry). It works well for carbonated beverages as well because of the screw on lid. Since the lid is not tethered to the bottle or any of it’s parts you have to be careful to not lose it.

It’s nice that the strainer makes it possible to steep fruits and loose leaf teas (and mushroom teas) in the bottle without worrying about getting chunks when you are drinking. I wouldn’t recommend emptying a standard tea bag in this bottle since those pieces are so tiny they would easily flow through the holes of the strainer. The size of the spout is wide enough to allow a decent pour without worrying about it spilling all over you. I’ve had other bottles like this which had spouts that were way too narrow or had a straw to sip with no way to easily release the vacuum making it almost impossible to drink without getting a headache from sucking too hard. That isn’t a problem with this bottle.

I noticed there wasn’t anywhere on the box or bottle that indicated the capacity of the bottle so I measured it when I made tea the first time. It comfortably holds 14 ounces of liquid. I noticed some people were saying this is a 16 ounce capacity bottle and that would only be true if you filled it with the bubbler in place and filled it all the way up to the top of the bubbler/spout. But to the top of the glass bottle only it holds 14 ounces of liquid – less if you add fruit or anything else to steep in the water.

I received this bottle at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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