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For the past couple of years my website has been hosted on HostGator.  A blogger friend had recommended it because they offered site transfer service.  It went well at first, but transferring took too long, they weren’t super helpful in setting up my CloudFlare data and in the end the hosting was way too expensive for the site performance I – and by extension my readers – was getting.  So I decided to take the scary road into uncertainty and look for another webhost.

I dreaded the downloading of all my pictures, files, MySQL databases and WordPress installation.  Making backups takes hours and sometimes I doubt how complete they really  are when I open them and can’t find anything for which I was looking.  At first I tried a host that offered what I considered to be a reasonable month-to-month rate.  After 1 day of downloading, uploading and backing up I find that my account was arbitrarily deleted. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! Want to know who they were you’ll have to comment below.  In a panic because I knew my time on Hostgator was running out I searched for inexpensive hosting options and came across an article by Mommy Pehpot.  She talks about her WordPress designer moving to a new host and her following to the new host.

This new host is called NameCheap.  I know the word “cheap” can mean different things to different people both positive and negative.  Let me say that my experience with this company so far has led me to believe all things positive about their using the word “cheap” in their name.  The services are affordable, even when they aren’t on sale.  The service is phenomenal EVEN for the VALUE plan!


This post contains affiliate links.

Unfortunately, being a blogger is not a license to print money so cheap is awesome. I was amazed and grateful at how few hoops I had to jump through and that I wasn’t asked to pay extra for the site transferring service they provided.  I signed up, got my CPanel credentials, and then submitted a request to their support team for the transfer.  I thought it was going to take days, but in less than 24 hours I had an email letting me know it was done with all the necessary deets to complete the process.  When my site was transferred, installed, and set up all my posts were in tact – complete with media files – and all my plugins were installed and working properly.  That did not happen with my previous host.  It’s incredible that all I had to do then was point my nameservers and my site was ready to rock-and-roll.

Learn how to make the job of switching web hosts a little easier and more secure.

Are you ready to dive into the world of owning your own website or blog? Then check out NameCheap.  If a blog is what you want they offer one-click Softaculous installation of the latest WordPress CMS version and other popular CMS apps (but WP is the best IMHO).

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