GlobeTrotGear Microfiber #TravelTowel Review

Thanks to GlobeTrot I rec’d this travel towel in exchange for my honest review. In the last few years I’ve grown fond of #traveltowels for a couple of reasons. They are highly absorbent, dry quickly and are compact for travel. Last year I only had one and my girls were always fighting over who got to wear it on their hair as a drying turban. Well, now I have several and this one from GlobeTrot is nicely sized and absorbs tons of water and dries fast. This makes it an ideal companion for trips to the pool, yoga studio, hiking trail and camping trips.

This is what I like about this towel –
– It’s as large – length and width wise- as a normal bath towel so you can wrap it completely around you
– It’s light. It’s only 10 oz. completely dry. It’s weight makes it ideal for using as a head wrap without putting any extra strain on your neck.
– It’s very absorbent. It dries as well if not better than a regular bath towel.
– It dries quickly. Whereas my normal bath towel can take up to 24 hours to completely dry this microfiber towel is dry within a couple hours.
– It folds compactly making it easy to tuck into tight spaces in a suitcase.

– It has a hook loop that makes hanging it to try easy

I’m going to take this on our westward bound cross-country camping trip. With lots of things to pack it will be nice to have thin, light and effective towels that will dry quickly when we are on the go.

About the Product:


  • HIGH QUALITY -100% Microfiber towel, created with ultra soft, highly absorbent material. Holding 4X its weight in water, and drying 10X faster than a normal cotton towel.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT- Weighing only 8 ounces, perfect for traveling, outdoor adventures, or an easy carry-along to the gym.
  • GREAT SIZE -Large towel, 57″ X 27″ when out and ready for use. Folds down into compact 5″ X 7″ storage bag, great for packing in tight areas.
  • FREE storage bag and convenient hanging loop included with every purchase.


I received this towel free in exchange for my honest review.


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