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Shopping for children’s clothes can get expensive and frustrating.  With our children growing by leaps and bounds – what seems by the week – trying to keep up with their needs for new clothing and shoes is an unending process.  Laura Gonzalez has come up with an innovative and convenient way to bring shopping for better fitting clothing and selling your children’s outgrown wardrobe through your computer with Savvy Outfitters.  Plus, with Boxes for Families, low income families in need can apply to have a box of clothing curated and sent to their home at no cost to them.

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The average american spends $1,200.00 a year, per child on kids clothing. Typically they say that parents spend 6% of their income on their children’s clothes. This is only the average, parents could spend even more or less. What’s even more crazy is that the average american throws away 65 pounds of clothing each year!

Now, there are plenty of kids resale stores and now parents turn to Facebook to sell their kids’ close. However, sorting through all of those clothes, tagging them, haggling the prices, etc is a ton of work and a lot of people end up throwing their clothes away. Well, founder and owner of Savvy Outfitters, Laura Gonzalez has found a solution. Savvy Outfitters is a kids online resale store. You can donate or sell all those bags of clothing that’s collecting dust in your garage. Savvy Outfitters sells new or like new children’s clothing online!

So instead of having to go into the store with your screaming 2-year-old, you can just order clothes online without breaking the bank. The fact that parents have to purchase clothes almost 4 times a year for their children who are under the age of 8 is a little crazy and expensive. unfortunately the reality that your 4-year-old will not be the same size in the summer that they are in the winter is an expensive reality. They offer top quality brands children’s clothes at an affordable price.

Boxes For Families

Savvy Outfitters also has a program called Boxes For Families. Boxes For Families is a program that donates boxes of packaged clothing to families in need. The way the program works is if a family is in need they fill out the application at www.savvyoutfitters.com and provide proof of income. They have to prove that they have a low-income household. Then once their application is approved, Savvy Outfitters send the family a free packaged box of clothing. You can specify which clothes you need. For example, size, season and gender (3T, winter, girls).

Savvy Outfitters officially launches on September 1st, 2016. In celebration for their Online Launch, they are offering a special promotion of 10% OFF ALL ORDERS (use code LAUNCHPARTY)! They also offer FREE shipping off any order that is $35.00 or more. 

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Make sure to visit www.SavvyOutfitters.com!

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