#Chipex Color Matched Car Paint Repair System Review & Giveaway {ARV $80}, ends 11/2/16

Back in 2006 when we purchased our Obsidian Black Subaru Outback we were in love with the color. Unfortunately, within the warranty period the paint on the backs of the mirrors and across the front bumper started to fail. We tried to get it fixed through Subaru but they ignored all our requests. We’ve had to drive around the last 8 years with chips all across our vehicles beautiful paint color frankly because the cost to have the parts repainted was prohibitive.  The car is still going strong and the chips have been accompanied by dings and scratches.  Subaru’s don’t typically wear out very quickly so the thought of spiffing up it’s appearance seemed like the right thing to do.  With the shimmer in the Obsidian Black you can’t just grab whatever can of paint off the shelf you want!  The match needs to be perfect.

This is where Chipex comes in to the rescue.  Chipex offers a 100% color match guarantee on their computer matched paints.  Using their easy to follow instructions you can input your make, model and color number (they tell you how to find this in your car) into their system to find the exact paint color to repair the dings, scratches and chips in your car’s finish.


Chipex offered me a set like the one you can enter to win below. The Road Rash Kit with the aquaphobic (water repellant) Screenwash gives you the ability to fill in those annoying chips with perfectly matched paint and keep your windshield clean and clear even in heavy rain.

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Though I was a bit intimidated about applying paint to my car at first the instructions in the Chipex set were straightforward and very easy to follow.  I made sure to carefully wash all the bug guts and dirt off my car and manually drying it before proceeding.  If any residue still remained I was supposed to use the clear spirit blending liquid to remove it from the surface of the car.

First, I put on the provided gloves to protect my hands and removed one of the paint blending sticks from the baggie.  Then I vigorously shook the paint bottle to mix and removed the lid.  Holding the bottle in one hand I quickly went about dabbing paint into the chips and scratches with the mini brush in the other.  The instructions say that depending on the overall size of the area filled it could take between 1 to 5, but no more than 15 minutes for the area to dry.  Once dry you need to take the included blue blending cloth and wrap it around the foam blending block placing a few drops of the blending liquid spirit on it.  Without applying pressure you rub the wrapped foam block over the treated area.  This should remove any excess paint which has spilled over onto the original paint. This was a fairly easy process but could take a while if you have treated a large area.  It may be best to take small areas at a time (something I learned the hard way).

After all the areas have been adequately blended you should take the included microfiber cloth and apply the polishing liquid to it.  Using the cloth vigorously rub the polish across the surface of the treated surface of the car. This further helps to “cut” any excess paint from the surface and gives the finish a beautiful sheen.  The polish will also help to remove any small surface scratches.


For a woman with no experience in car body work my results were very pleasing.  When I stood back after all the little chips and larger areas were filled I could not have been happier with how shiny and almost like new my vehicle looked.  When I do projects like this I always get a little paranoid about overruns or unblended areas.  Most of those were my mistake.  Though I made sure to treat all the areas within the 30 minutes from application some of the teeny blobs of paint which ran onto the car’s original finish were so set that the blending liquid didn’t really do much to remove them.   Looking back I really should have done just a small area at a time and made sure to get to them within 5 to 10 minutes for the smaller dots.  Another word of advice is definitely follow the instructional advice and do this in a well ventilated area.  Though I had my garage door open the fumes still wafted into the house so I had to place a blower outside the door leading into the house to push the smell out instead of letting it seep into the dining area.  It was fairly cool and with low humidity the day I applied the paint so it dried quickly.  Always take your current climate into account when applying and timing the process.


This giveaway is open to residents age 16 or older of the US, Canada and Europe ONLY. Giveaway closes 7 PM EST on 11/2/16 (midnight 11/3 in London, UK)

Win a Chipex Bundle #13

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  1. Renee Lacasse
    October 28, 2016 at 7:59 am

    would like to win this

  2. Pam Sims
    October 31, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    I would love to win this I had a slight little accident with my mirror about a month ago.

  3. October 17, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Lovely! I want to win this; please tell me what the procedure.

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