#Brieftons Chopper Blender Slicer & Grater Review

This item was received at a discount. The opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience with the product.

The Brieftons Chopper Blender Slicer and Grater is a 13 piece set which allows for many different configurations to meet your food preparation needs. The set includes –

– 1 lid with pull cord
– 1 container
– 1 container divider
– 2 chopper blades
– 2 blender attachments
– 1 mandoline frame
– 1 shredder blade
– 1 grater blade
– 1 Julienne blade
– 1 slicer blade
– 1 safety food holder

This set is particularly good for making salsas and chopping up foods like tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, etc. You do need to rough chop the food before putting it in the container, but the blades – propelled by the force of the pull cord – do a fine job of chopping and mincing. My little girls love helping me in the kitchen and I don’t feel concerned about allowing them to fill and run the manual chopper because the lid must be lined up and tightly on the container for it to work at all.

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The mandolin lid has found a place of fondness in my kitchen utensils. I use graters and shredders a lot, but my frustration is that the food goes everywhere and one that I have literally falls apart as I use it. This system has the whole thing self contained. There is no where that the food can go but in the container. The safety holder allows you to slice, grate and julienne almost anything without damage to your fingers. My only complaint about this part of the system is there is no compact way to store these items separate from the catch basin/mixing container. You almost have to keep the box which makes storage a bit bulky.

The mixing paddles are a nice addition to the food prep set. These particularly made me think of how nice this electricity free set would be for camping! No power, no problem. Make pancake batter, beat eggs for omelettes or anything else which needs mixing without the need for a power cord. Your arm power gives power to the cord!

The set is hand wash only. I would not recommend submerging the pull cord lid in water. Wipe it down with a warm, soapy washcloth and carefully rinse. As for the other pieces they can be submerged, but should be handled with care for your safety.

To purchase the Brieftons Chopper Blender Slicer & Grater visit this link on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2kklR43

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