Encouraging Safer, Tighter Knit Communities with National Night Out, August 1, 2017

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There’s a lot that goes into the safety and well-being of a community – and with National Night Out taking place next Tuesday, August 1st, we wanted to bring to your attention one community superhero that you likely haven’t thought of – your lawn.


Hard to believe? Let us share a few example stats with you.


In 2011, Flint, MI was identified as America’s most dangerous city by the FBI. Their 50% population decrease left more than 6,000 abandoned homes, resulting in increased crime and illicit activity. Park maintenance was ignored, erosion resulted in sediment movement and dumping of trash was widespread, leaving residents fearful of walking in neighborhoods with high vacancy.


In an effort to help the community, Michigan State University worked to develop a community outreach plan to help restore turfgrass maintenance in Flint. Residents worked together to remove debris and weeds, mow lawns and apply fertilizer – and as a result, parks and abandoned homes began to take shape.


In 2012, social scientists surveyed residents and found that:

  • 68% feel safer when turfgrass is maintained
  • 79% interact with their neighbor more
  • 61% trust their neighbor more
  • 95% made home improvements due to turfgrass maintenance
  • 100% agree there is less trash

Do you agree with the findings of this study? 

What are your or your community’s plans for National Night Out on August 1, 2017?

Click these links to learn more about National Night Out and the National Association of Town Watch.




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