Gardenite 10 Pattern Metal Triggerless Thumb Control Hose Nozzle Review & Giveaway, ends 4/30/18

Thanks to Gardenite I was invited to review this specialty hose nozzle just in time for spring gardening.  When I received the nozzle immediately I saw the benefit of not having a trigger for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it is easier to use at full pressure for an individual who has arthritis or other problems with grip due to injury or repetitive motion stress.  Secondly, you can use the nozzle as a sprinkler hands free if you can perch it on a post or tomato cage like I do in the summer when it gets unbearably hot to be outdoors for long periods of time.

The body of the sprayer is metal for durability and with a rubber and plastic housing to make handling it more comfortable.  My hands are fairly small so it took some stretching to be able to single-handedly adjust the thumb control.  My husband, on the other hand, has really large hands and he was able to push the lever up and down without a thought.  The spray pattern control is much easier to turn than other multi-pattern nozzles I’ve tried.  It has a nice “click” when the next setting is reached.  It would be almost impossible to accidentally switch setting mid spray because of how well the control is held in place.  A note of caution from the manufacturer is that the spray pattern should never be changed when the nozzle is at high pressure.  The flow of water should be turned off before changing the setting.  Good advice to prevent damage to this handy garden hose accessory.

Take the pressure off your hands with this triggerless spray nozzle from Gardenite. Available on Amazon.

  • **NO DRIP, HIGH PRESSURE & MULTI PURPOSE – The Power Is In Your Hands. This Nozzle Sprayer Can Be As Powerful As You Want It To Be. Use The Adjustable Flow Knob To Fine Tune The Water Pressure To Your Needs. Simply Twist Left For High Flow Or Right To Achieve A Low-Pressure Flow. It Is Easy To Use And Is The Perfect Garden Tool For Anyone In The Family.
  • **ADJUSTABLE WATER FLOW CONTROL KNOB – High To Low Water Control | Flow Control Is Absent On Many Of The Low-Quality Nozzles. Flow Control Will Let You Adjust The Pressure For Each Of The 10 Spray Patterns Letting You Water Delicate Items Such As Flowers As Well As More Powerful Pressure Washing Such As Cars.
  • ** SOLID METAL & BAKED ENAMEL FINISH – We Built Our Nozzle To Be Durable & Long Lasting. This Led To A Solid Metal Frame Which Is Extremely Strong But Still Lightweight. Onto This Frame We Added Baked Enamel Elements To Make The Product Easy To Hold!
  • ** ERGONOMIC SOFT RUBBER COMFORT GRIP – Your Hands Will Not Get Tired! A Key Element We Wanted To Integrate Into The Product The Soft Rubber Coating Makes This Sprayer Very Comfortable In Your Hand. You Can Water All Day And Your Hand Won’t Tire.
  • ** 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Our Customer Service Record Is Unmatched! This Hose Nozzle Is Perfect For Your Car, Garden, Pets And Home Needs. Use It To Wash The Car Or To Give The Boat A Rinse. Continue To Enjoy Watering The Lawn, Flowers And Plants In Your Garden And Watch Them Grow Beautifully.



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Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer #9

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