It Is Possible To Know What Women Want

It just takes time, effort, desire and no small bit of love to learn what women want.

And you can watch Jimmy on Relationships on YouTube. Many of his videos are very direct and if you are open to the effect will force a deep reflection of your own attitudes and behaviors. He satirizes how men typically view maintaining a healthy relationship and humorously helps his many characters to get a grip.

Let me tell you I cried when I watched this video on what women want, specifically what wives want from their husbands, and several other of his reels and full length videos on YouTube. It was like he had been watching my relationship and seeing the thoughts in my head from a distance. Does this mean Jimmy is a perfect husband or the most amazing man ever? No, he is still imperfect – he still screws up and admits it. That’s just it though, instead of doing all the toxic, relationship killing things he used to do he has learned and put into practice things that promote peace, communication, understanding and compassion. Sometimes that means walking away but with the promise to return when he’s calmed down.

Does this mean that women have nothing to learn? Nope, ladies, we aren’t free from responsibility; women can also be narcissistic, selfish, rude, demeaning and abusive. Men and women both need to recognize and take responsibility for their part in the state of the relationship, they must desire to want to learn to change it and they should diligently apply the tools they’ve gained in the process to help heal their relationship.

For relationship healing to work, truly work, the effort must come from both sides of the equation. That’s what a relationship is – an equal partnership. If either side feels misunderstood, unappreciated, neglected, overwhelmed, burdened, abused or abandoned they will feel the scales have tipped and not in their favor. What’s interesting is that your mate may be feeling the same way, but without healthy, honest, calm communication neither side can ask for help or find a solution. In as much as men need to learn what women want, we women need to be open to what men want in a healthy partnership as well.

So, lets see what Jimmy On Relationships says about What Does My Wife WANT from Me?!

Women may seem like a mystery, but we can be deciphered.

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