*con·ser·va·tion (kŏn’sûr-vā’shən) Pronunciation Key
The act or process of conserving.


Preservation or restoration from loss, damage, or neglect: manuscripts saved from deterioration under the program of library conservation.
The protection, preservation, management, or restoration of wildlife and of natural resources such as forests, soil, and water.
The maintenance of a physical quantity, such as energy or mass, during a physical or chemical change.

The definitions of conservation shown above in italics are the ones we are most interested in for the purposes of this site.  Previously I was never much of a proponent of conservation.  I guess I just didn’t understand the impact the human race was having on the earth.  Like the Discovery Channel program says the Earth is a “Planet in Peril”.  As a people we are ravaging the earth, destroying its diversity and limiting the availability of resources for future generations.  I know personally I can’t do much to stop this progression of negative impact, but in my own small ways I can stop contributing as much to the breakdown of the planet. 

By the nature of our existence in this time we have to drive, use plastic, oil, electricity, etc.  There are things though that we can do to benefit the earth and the diversity she provides.  Recycling is a big one.  Trying to eat and use items that are produced organically.  Avoid using pesticides and herbicides that have negative side effects on people, animals and beneficial plants.  Teach your children to respect the earth and all who reside on it. 

A couple examples of the negative impact we are having on the environment have stuck with me recently.  I read and article from the Awake! magazine that talked about apples and that through cross breeding for commercial purposes the varieties available today are less than a third of what they were 100 years ago.  Remember that and what happened to the Irish and potatoes.  Hybridizing isn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong, but doing it to the extent of pushing an heirloom variety to extinction is sad to say the least.  Then there is the more recent story that’s been in the headlines of local and national newspapers, CNN, MSN and Yahoo! about honeybees.  They are disappearing in drastic numbers.  Could we be harming their environment and their ability to survive?  We rely on these bees to pollinate our crops.  If their numbers don’t return, what shall we do?

Twenty-five years ago when my husband was a young teenager he had an apiary and harvested honey.  It was a hobby he enjoyed and it was beneficial to local farmers.  This was a hobby that allowed him to be outside, learn about hard work, business sense and managing money.  Don’t you think that would be a better option that having our children cooped up inside watching TV or playing video games?


Recycle to Start Seed Indoors


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