Enter to Win a Free Handbag!

There is a new website coming to your desktop and they are giving away a handbag every hour until they launch on October 15th.  Thank you very much HandbagPlanet.com.  HandbagPlanet will be selling high-quality, reasonably priced, designer handbags for $30 to $80.  That sounds pretty good to me.  So whether you call it a purse, pocketbook or handbag this is a great contest to enter with many chances to win.

Ways to get entries:

1. Give them your first name and email address for 1 entry.

2. Give them the emails of three friends who would be interested in entering the contest for 3 more entries.

3.  Join their Facebook, MySpace page or Tweet the contest (and then send them an email with your respective account info – NOT YOUR PASSWORDS – just your login name) for 10 more entries. Not sure if that means 10 for each you do, but that would be cool.

4.  Blog about the contest on your own blog site and get 25 more entries!

Now you can see why I would want to blog about this.  Not to mention I really, really need a new purse (mine is falling apart 🙁 ).

The other cool thing is they have quite a few handbags to choose from for the contest, but you can only enter for one (bummer!).

Get Your Entries for a Free Handbag!

HandbagPlanet Privacy Policy

HandbagPlanet Contest Official Rules

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