5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity

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Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

Social media can be your key to success or the first domino in your grand downfall.  This article on Mashable helps you take control of your social media identity.  With so many so many social media accounts to be had it’s easy to get caught in the mire of trying to maintain what could be considered a schizophrenic online identity.  


When you go to search for me online on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, StumbleUpon or Zurker you will find me under the profile name Lucero De La Tierra and the user name earthformed.  My website is earthformed.com along with all it’s subdomains.  Once I discovered that I was going to need all the social media accounts to sync and jive I had to make sure that my social media identity was par for the course.  


As much as I might like to post tons of personal things on Facebook and Twitter I try to keep it professional because they are both tied into LinkedIN and can be seen by professionals that could be interested in seeking my expertise.  The last thing I’d want them to find is some insane pictures or unseemly comments on my profile or someone else’s attached to my name!  Consistency and discretion is key when managing your online identity.  You want to be you in a way that is going to attract and inspire readers not stifle progress.

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