How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

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Do you have a strategy around making social connections for your real estate business? Get tips for using social media marketing for real estate.

Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

Though this article is primarily for the real estate market it’s principles will fit well into any industry.  As they mention in the first paragraph without a plan it’s like going to the grocery store hungry.  Personally, I think wasting time on social media was what kept me from growing my blog in a practical way.  I was more worried about playing games, participating in groups and learning EVERYTHING I could – without applying anything.  


As time goes by and my relationships on social media are becoming more defined my blog traffic and content are growing.  Wasting time on social media costs you money, time and even peace in ‘real’ relationships.  So whether you work in brick-and-mortar company or work from your own home office blogging or freelancing make sure you are making the most of your social media time.  Budget your time like you’d budget your money.  The more you stick to the plan the better it is for everyone.

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