Visitor Turnoff: Watch Out for Broken Links

Watch out for broken links.

Your site is only as good as it's weakest link

Being a blogger demands that you be on top of your writing, social media updates, advertising, marketing AND website design (among other things). One thing that will kill your blog or website for that matter is a broken link or one that goes nowhere. Sometimes you don’t have time or may overlook a broken link in an image or text link that has a space, leads nowhere or is supposed to do something but ends up doing nothing.

For instance, recently I liked a page on Facebook, which will remain anonymous, and visited their blog.  Apparently, they were just newly moved to a new host so there were some things that weren’t syncing.  Out of courtesy to the blog owner I sent them a message through FB letting them know that something was amiss with an image link that was supposed to go to their email newsletter subscription.  Ended up when you click on the little guy it only went to the image itself.  In other words, the image is a joke – completely useless and frustrating.

They messaged back saying that their friends found no problems SO I went back to the site only to find that the little image still does not have an HTML link to it ONLY the link to the .png.  I figured maybe they did not know exactly what I was talking about, maybe I hadn’t made myself clear.  I took a screenshot of the site circled and enhanced the very image I was talking about and showed from the status bar below where it was linking – the .png image NOT the email link and sent it to them.

The next message I got from the blog owner sent me over the edge and led me to believe they did not care that the image link was broken, they had no interest in fixing it and that I should just go and get bent.  In essence it said that their hundreds of subscribers haven’t found a problem.  Their logic is a little askew don’t you think?  WHY, oh WHY would a currently subscribed individual want or even care to click on a link to subscribe ever again on that site???  Of course they haven’t seen a problem THEY AREN’T THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO FIND IT.  It’s the new visitors that are going to find it and if they aren’t that concerned about subscribing as soon as they find that one link that goes absolutely nowhere they are going the take a hike to another site where the links actually work.   They will not be patient; believe me I’ve seen it happen.  Needless to say their lack of interest in me as a new subscriber was a HUGE turnoff so they are now UNliked on FB.  We are all busy with life on top of blogging, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to take seriously the concerns of our readers – subscribed or not.

Now think carefully about this – I am only a humble reader a number in their eyes.  What if I were actually a brand that was checking to see if the blog was a good fit for my company and marketing strategy?  Would such a cold and apathetic attitude be appropriate for addressing the concerns of a potential sponsor?  How would  you even know if the person extending the helping hand didn’t bother to mention they were vetting YOUR brand?  Think, think, think.

Here is not to say that I don’t have a broken link here or there.  I try, I really do try to make sure that all my links are live and useful.   I ask that if ever you find a link that doesn’t work PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know.  Message me on FaceBook, send me an email letting me know where the problem is or message me on any of my social networks.  I will get back to you.  I will fix it.  I will do what I can to ameliorate the problem because your visits are important to me as is your willingness to subscribe to my newsletter.  Tell your friends, share this page.  I want you to have a good experience on my blog.

photo credit: krissen via photopin cc
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