168 Color Eye Shadow Palette Eyelash Liner Makeup Set 002 from TMart.com Review

We Are Earthformed may have received one of more of the products or services discussed below in exchange for a review and/or is an affiliate of the links or banners you find on this site. Clicking on them may result in compensation for this blog.Thanks to TMart I received the 168 Color Eye Shadow Palette Eyelash Liner Makeup Set 002 for the purposes of this review.


When I was a teenager I used to do a lot more experimenting with my makeup.  Bright eye shadows, thick eyeliner, bright blush and strong lip colors.  Time and age made me settle into a more neutral pattern of applying makeup.  Lately, I’ve grown tired of the basic browns, blah lip gloss and no time for eye liner.  I was glad that TMart.com allowed me to try out their 168 Color Eye Shadow Palette that comes with 10 packages of false eyelashes, and waterproof liquid eyeliner for the purposes of this review.  This set does not come with brushes for application so you’ll need to use your own or purchase some eye shadow brushes. I prefer brushes over the sponge applicators.


If you’ve read any of my posts you’ll know that pregnancy, stress and dieting have taken a toll on the length and thickness of my eyelashes.  I’d always heard that false eyelashes were easy to use with a little practice and wouldn’t damage your existing lashes if you used them properly.  The thought of gluing something to my lash line was still a little intimidating.  Well, now I had no choice.  I had to try something new.


This was before trying the false lashes, I just wanted to show how nice the eye shadow & liner went on.

The eye shadows in the palette range from bright white to yellows and oranges to purples and blues all the way to deep black.  Depending on your preference you have the choice of shimmery or matte colors. They are highly saturated colors, but don’t go on too strong on the first swipe.  I appreciated this because it allowed you more control over the intensity of the look.  If you want a more dramatic look and more sticking power I’d suggest buying a mixing medium for eye shadow which will allow you to pick up more color at once and even be able to use the shadow as eyeliner.  Since my eyes are a darker brown with honey tones I tend to use deep purple shades to make my eye color pop.  There was no shortage of choices in this palette.  I’m going to be experimenting with looks and colors for a while – here I come Pinterest, lol.

I love, love, love the liquid liner.  Since I’m not extremely steady handed I’ve shied away from liquid eyeliner.  I’ve always found it to be unforgiving.  Well, I’m still practicing but I love how easily this liner goes on with it’s stiff tipped molded brush which allows you to create a thin or thick line.  It’s great for disguising the glue of the false eyelashes.  Being that it is waterproof it will not run if you get sweaty or cry or get water in your face.  It rolls away if it gets wet AND rubbed.  If it gets wet and you dab it dry it won’t move.  I didn’t get to try the pen liner because the liner enclosure came apart in the package and the waxy pencil part fell out onto the floor.  I couldn’t find it until my little one accidentally crushed it with her knee. 🙁


My first experience with the lashes was interesting.  I had to watch a few YouTube videos for instructions.  The strip lashes do come pre-glued so you could just press them firmly to your lash line once you’ve trimmed them to size, but I chose to take a little extra precaution and add some liquid lash glue to help them stick all day.  On the first one I forgot to warm it up in my hands a little bit and bend it so it’d be easier to form to my lash line and it ended up sticking out a little weird all day.  The second one I learned from my mistakes and made sure to curve it gently for a few seconds before applying any extra glue.  This one went on more easily and left no gaps at the corner of my eye like the first one did.  Definitely this was user error not a product flaw.  Pay attention to the shape of the lashes when you get them out of the package.  They are shaped with the shorter lashes toward the inside and longer ones to the outside.  I didn’t pay attention and ended up having to very, very carefully trim the extra long lashes that were toward the inside by my nose instead of to the outside where they belonged; my bad.  They still looked beautiful and all without waiting for months for some lash serum to work. . . or not.

The lashes stayed put all day and I used an oil based eye makeup remover and a cotton ball to carefully soak the lash line to release the glue from my lashes.  Once all the glue and mascara was free of the falsies I gently washed the lash strips with warm soapy water till all the oil was gone and turned them upside down on a paper towel to dry.  If taken care of properly you should be able to reuse each strip several times.  By the way, never, ever, ever tug at or pull the false lashes from your natural lash line.  You’ll need a lash serum to grow them back if you do!

The 168 Color Eye Shadow Palette Eyelash Liner Makeup Set 002 from TMart is an incredible value at only $20.87 and free, yes, FREE world wide shipping.

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    Lashes can get tousled when you sleep or get them wet, and they can also pick up debris.

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