Ice Cream Magic Personal Ice Cream Maker Review

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Ice cream and similar chilly treats bring smiles to children everywhere.  With carton sizes shrinking, prices rising and the quality and content of commercially available desserts in question it’s not always easy to find a treat that is tasty, cost effective and healthy.  Why not turn that afternoon boredom and need for a snack into a “snacktivity” with the Ice Cream Magic. The Ice Cream Magic is the first personal ice cream maker on the market.  The cute cone cup allows you to choose your ingredients and in just a few minutes you have your very own home made ice cream – and you control the quality.  Just shake it to make it!  The tumbler comes in 4 pieces – the swirl cover, ingredients lid, freezing bowl and ice chamber.  It also comes with a matching serving/mixing spoon.


Cure Boredom with a Snacktivity

First, gather your ingredients for the kind of ice cream (or non dairy treat) you’d like to make.  There is a number of recipes included in the package.  Fill the ice chamber with crushed ice, 4 tbsp. of table salt, and 4 tbsp. water.  Set the freezing bowl into the ice chamber making sure it sits firmly against it’s rim.  Once you’ve mixed the ingredients of your ice cream per the directions on the package pour the mixture into the freezing bowl and cover it with the ingredients lid.  To hold the whole thing together securely twist on the swirl lid making sure the tabs line up and lock in place.  NOW SHAKE IT! Hey, if you want to dance I won’t judge, but really you just have to shake the tumbler.  The shaking of the ice in the chamber sounds like a maraca so you may get the urge to bust a move.  We decided to make a basic vanilla ice cream on our trial run.  Though the instructions said it would take 3 minutes for us it took a total of 7 minutes with 2 stops to open and scrape down the sides of the bowl before we had what resembled ice cream.  As my oldest, Cookie, said at least it didn’t take 6 hours to freeze like typical home made ice cream.  Once we were done it barely took 3 minutes for the results of all the shaking were done.  The girls loved the snacktivity. Notes – Mix your ingredients in a separate bowl before adding them to the freezing bowl.  You must add new ice, salt and water to the ice chamber for each batch of ice cream.  Believe me trying to keep using what sounds like ice will result in nothing but a mess.  I learned that the hard way.

Where to Buy

The Ice Cream Magic is available at fine retailers for $9.99.  I recently purchased a second one at Bed Bath & Beyond so that both daughters could each have one.  If you watch my YouTube video you’ll understand why this became important.  I’ve also seen it sold at Office Depot.  If your local store has “As Seen On TV” items in their inventory it’s likely you’ll find this IDV Product on their shelf.  Personally, I’ve seen IDV Products at Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Office Depot. ice-cream-magic-party-pack If you want to use the personal ice cream maker for parties you may want to consider purchasing the Party Pack from the IDV online store.  It contains 6 total Ice Cream Magic tumblers and matching spoons for $39.99; you’ll end up saving about $1.67 per cup before taxes (including shipping).  Online you can also purchase 2 of these cups for $14.99 plus shipping and handling.  The Party Pack deal isn’t too bad.  If you can swing it, try to find the product locally.

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