Explaining Web Logging to An Alien #nablopomo 2/5

You meet an alien and need to explain to it blogging. Explain what blogging is (and what blogging means to you) without ever using the word “blog.”

photo credit: ocean.flynn via photopin cc

Wow, this is hard.  I should be used to it because my husband still doesn’t understand the point of this thing I dedicate myself to every day.  So, what IS this?

Well, instead of keeping a diary with pen and paper of the thoughts that come into my head every day I share those thoughts on the Internet for others to read.  The Internet connects via wires and wirelessly any computer that wants to log into it and gives it access to my website as well as the billions of others that are created and maintained every day.   I go to my computer that is attached via the Internet to millions of people world wide and type either what I think about, what experiences I’ve had that day, a writing prompt I’ve found interesting or about something I’ve been requested to give my opinion about.   If there is something I know how to do and I want to share the process of how to do it on this web based diary, my captain’s log, I will write a “how-to” article complete with pictures.  If there is something in the news that is bothering me or I find particularly interesting I’ll write an opinion article about it.

I want people to visit my website and read the things I write.  I want to know what their opinions and reactions are to my articles.  So in addition to writing here I go on this mystical place called social media and promote my writings there.  It is my hope that those promotional posts will bring people back to my website and encourage them to read what I’ve written and comment on it.

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