4 Reasons To Call Your Auto Insurance Agent

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photo credit: z3ro1 via photopin cc

photo credit: z3ro1 via photopin cc

Even though driving is a necessity and at time a real joy it does not come without responsibility.  You may be a safe driver, but you don’t have control of everyone else on the road.  By law you must have at least liability insurance and if you have a newer vehicle having full coverage is a must.  Do you know if you are adequately insured?  It is important to know when you should contact your insurance agent so that you can get the help and assistance you need. Some auto insurance agents will reach out to you, especially if you do not have a policy with their company, but it is far more crucial to understand when you should reach out to your agent after you buy the policy.

1. When You Need a New Policy
Of course, the first time that you need to contact an agent is when you are looking for a new policy. You can sometimes buy policies online, without talking to anyone, but it can be far more helpful to sit down with an agent and really go over everything. This helps you to understand exactly what is going to be covered and what you need. You will not accidentally buy the wrong policy when you work with the agent.  Why not contact a Cleveland insurance agent and set up an appointment today?

2. After an Auto Accident
You really need to contact the claims department after an accident, but a good first step is often to contact the agent and tell them what happened. They can then tell you what you need to do next and who you need to call in order to take all the right steps. On top of that, some agents will even file the claim for you, making the whole thing easier for you.

3. If You Want to Lower Your Rates
You may find that you cannot really afford your insurance policy at the current rate. You can always call your agent and ask if there is anything you can do to get a better rate. This could include things like taking some options off of your policy, bundling multiple policies together, getting a higher deductible or other things of this nature. You and the agent can work together to find a plan that works for you at an affordable rate.

4. When You Want to Add a Driver to Your Plan
You also need to tell the insurance company if an additional member of your family is going to be able to drive the family car. They can then be added to the plan, and it will change what is covered and how much the plan costs. You will need to specify if they are going to be a primary driver or not to ensure proper coverage.

Just remember if you have a car and a driver’s license you need to make sure you are properly insured.  It’s one thing you can’t afford to take for granted.

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