Doing Your Part to Improve the Environment

photo credit: icelight via photopin cc

photo credit: icelight via photopin cc

As there are millions upon millions of vehicles on the road every day, a great deal of fossil fuels are constantly being burnt. It’s these vehicles that many believe are causing the most damage to the environment around towns and cities. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the fact is that human beings cannot breath carbon monoxide. This poisonous haze blankets many major cities as vehicles become locked in rush hour traffic.

In order to alleviate some of the problems fossil fuels have caused metropolitan areas, hybrid vehicles are produced that lower emissions as the automobiles consume less gasoline. In many instances, a 30-year old truck could easily burn through enough gas to reduce it’s mileage to eight miles to each gallon. Usually this is caused by degradation of the vehicle and poor maintenance practices. However, some hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius can travel more than six times the distance on the same amount of fuel.

Hybrid vehicles are designed to reduce the carbon emissions that are produced into the atmosphere. While this is an attractive feature to those that don’t enjoy breathing toxic fumes, another bonus to owners of these automobiles is in the wallet. By traveling greater distances on less fuel, a hybrid vehicle can cut your gasoline budget greatly. For drivers of automobiles that consume a gallon of gas for every eight to 10 miles, this could reduce the payments at the gas pump by 84-percent. If you travel at least 20 miles per day with gasoline prices at $3.69 per gallon, it would only cost you $1.45 to drive a Toyota Prius whereas the 30-year old truck would cost $9.23 to drive the same distance. If you consider making the same trip Monday through Friday for a year, the hybrid could save you more than $2,000 just in gasoline alone. The amount you would save each month is almost the payment of the new vehicle itself – depending on your credit rating and financing options.

If more people were to drive hybrid vehicles, gasoline prices could begin to decline. It’s the basic rule of supply and demand. If there is less of a demand for a product, the price drops in order to encourage sales. If 84-percent of the gasoline used at the pumps could be saved as a whole, it could be greatly beneficial for humanity. Gas prices could be lower, the air could be more tolerable and the health department could broadcast less warnings about the air quality being too bad for jogging. Do your part to improve the environment for nature and your own finances by finding good Toyota Prius hybrid sales. The money you save in gasoline could improve many aspects of your life.

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