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Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic as the dance of the peasant class.  Upper classes wanted nothing to do with it. When merengue became popular in other countries it finally gained respect from the social elite in the DR.

Merengue is a gateway Latin dance.  The basic steps are fairly simple, yet they can be enhanced with patterns of slides, turns, locks and “hairbrushes”.  Thanks to DanceCrazy.com I received a copy of “Learn to Dance Merengue: Beginner and Intermediate” for the purposes of review.


The teachers Allison and Jesus bring both experience, professionalism, passion and flavor to the instruction.  I appreciated the parkay floor and gold curtains allow for a light background making the dancers and their movements easy to see and follow.  They broke down all the movements, even the most basic, into the most basic of basic aspects.  Utilizing counting of beats and even picture in picture giving multiple camera angles we get a complete picture of what our movements should look like.  Its so cool that once the basic steps are established they gradually introduce more advanced steps. It’s done in such a way that you don’t feel intimidated or talked down to. Such a fun DVD.


Product Description

Dance Lessons for Merengue Dance! One Amzaing DVD, with Beginning, Intermediate, and yes, even Advanced Merengue Dance Instruction. This is the only DVD you’ll need to teach you from your very first steps of Merengue dancing, all the way through to some fun and stylish Merengue dance patterns.
This is a complete package, and a perfect addition to your salsa dance, or bachata dance collection (in addition to being able to stand completely on it’s own). Don’t miss it – Learn how to Merengue – it’s one of the most fun (and simplest) of the Latin club dance styles. This video has everything you need to learn how to dance merengue. Learn merengue dance steps right from your home, and bring them to the dancefloor! Everything is broken down with tips, and demonstrated with great merengue music.

We know you will love this video! Featuring complete breakdowns and in-depth instruction for men and women, including dancing to the music, and essential tips for success on the dance floor. Learn for fun, fitness, or romance! Merengue Dancing is exhilarating and sensuous, a great dance for any occasion. With detailed demonstrations, multiple camera angles, and picture in picture close ups, this Merengue instructional DVD is for absolute beginners and beyond. No experience necessary!

Grab your Merengue DVD Now, and be Dancing TOMORROW

Merengue Dance Lessons – Learn To Dance Merengue, Beginning & Intermediate Latin Dancing: A Step-By-Step Guide To Merengue Dancing

I received complimentary product fir the purposes of review.

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