Big Reusable Nut Milk Bag Review & Giveaway, ends 10 PM EST 2/5/15

If you ask my husband or my kids or my mother I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to figuring out how to do things on my own rather than relying on store purchased items.  It saves money and I get to control what goes into the final product.   Recently, HaveSomeGoods offered me a complimentary Nut Milk Bag in exchange for my honest review.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance.  My husband can’t drink cows milk and I’ve dissuaded him from drinking soy milk so he drinks a lot of almond and coconut milk.  It’s not cheap by any means clocking in at double and sometimes triple the cost of a gallon of pasteurized cows’ milk.  When someone’s health is being affected though you make sacrifices no matter the cost.


I really thought I would jump into making my own almond milk as soon as I got this bag.  When I received it and started reading about all it’s uses I right away wished I had at least half a dozen. Just a few weeks ago I started sprouting seeds to eat for the first time and this bag can be used for growing sprouts.  You can use it for making cold brew coffee, straining loose leaves from tea and also juicing.

If you’ve ever read my blog before you’ll know that I make kombucha.  This probiotic elixir requires fresh sweet tea for each batch and buying bulk loose tea is not only cheaper, but creates less waste and is easier to make specific blends with it.  I had started to hand-make my own tea bags, but decided to try the nut milk bag to strain the loose leaves from the steeped tea.  It worked really well and I was able to squeeze a lot more water out of the leaves than I normally would have if I’d just used a fine mesh strainer and a spoon.  I did have to use heat gloves to wring the bag with hot leaves, but it worked well.  Some tea dust did come through but that happens a lot any way even when using pre-bagged tea.  Using the nut milk bag makes flavoring my kombucha with fruit I have on hand a lot easier.  Cutting the fruit into small pieces is OK, but it doesn’t give me the intensity of flavor my family prefers.  If I’m making small batches getting out big juicer doesn’t make much sense.  Making use of the nut milk bag I can put my fruit and a little bit of reserved kombucha for liquid into the blender and when it’s completely pureed strain it through the bag.  The pulp comes out much more dry than using even my juicer. It is a little messy so I use rubber or latex gloves, but it’s kind of fun.

For a while I was making milk kefir on a regular basis.  The grains started growing so much I had to give half to my mom and put the remainder to rest for a while because we couldn’t keep up on the consumption of the finished product.  What I found was the grains were reproducing very nicely and sometimes they would be so small that they either got stuck to my spoon I used for stirring them or went through the mesh of my cheapo nylon strainer.  The nut milk bag has such a fine mesh that even the smallest grains don’t sift through, but the fermented kefir does.  The same holds true for making water kefir.  I think I need to buy one of these for my mother. . . and a few more for myself!

Even though I haven’t used this bag yet for making nut milk or sprouting it’s value has certainly been realized in our house.  Not only for it’s usefulness, but for how easy it is to clean. I’ve used cheese cloth to accomplish these tasks before and ended up having to throw it away because washing it didn’t remove all the residue and it got all deformed.  The fine nylon mesh doesn’t deform, is tear resistant, and cleans with just a rinse.  You can use a drop of soap if you deem it necessary just make sure you rinse it completely so it doesn’t contaminate your next use.

The HSG Best Reusable 10″ x 12″ Nut Milk Bag is available on Amazon.

  • TEAR Resistant – Best Premium quality nylon BPA Free with double reinforced stitching. It holds up really well despite squeezing hard. The tightly woven mesh delivers a good straining action while allowing for good passage of liquid.
  • LARGE Size Rounded Bottom – Perfectly fits any size container and easy to squeeze. Much easier to use than a strainer and a breeze to clean.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION Kitchen Tool – Making nut and seed milks, vegetables milk, Vitamix juicing, sprouting, brewing coffee, tea and beer, herbal emulsions, tofu pressing, squeezing keffir milk grains
  • INCREDIBLE Unconditional Lifetime Waranty – No Risk Money Back Guarantee, Plus FREE EBooks with healthy recipes and tips. Yes you will have recipe for almond pulp.

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    February 5, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    This would be for my daughter in would be perfect for the baby.thanks.

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