#SlimminSuzie Volcanic Clay Body Wraps Review

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There are tons of weight loss and detox products out there on the market.  Thanks to Slimmin’ Suzie I got to try one of their sets of wraps for free. Unfortunately, I found this set rather inconvenient and cumbersome to use.  Though you only need to keep it on for 45 minutes you really need several hours available in order to complete the process.  You must wash and exfoliate beforehand.  Soak the wraps.  Prepare the clay (not a big deal).  Applying the wraps themselves over the clay and then the plastic wrap requires patience or an extra set of hands you won’t mind seeing you naked if you are applying on your abdomen.  Rest assured you will end  up wet as the wraps start to leak under the plastic wrap.  So be careful if you choose to go lie down after you apply the wrap to protect the place you are lying on from the water that seeps out.  Then you have to wash yourself and the wraps and hang them to dry.  For no change at all this was too much for me.  Maybe, just maybe after using all 8 I’ll see a difference, but I’m not holding my breath.

What it’s supposed to do according to the company –

Product Description

Your Search for THE #1 BEST Body Clay Wraps on Amazon is Finally Over! Kick Start your Weight Loss and Body Contouring Program. Slimmin’ Suzie Body Clay Inch Loss System is the BEST Way to Lose Inches, Detox and Tighten Your Body; and Best of All 100″% Natural and Organic. Slimmin’ Suzie Delivers Professional Salon Style Clay Body Wraps Right to Your Home. The Slimmin’ Suzie Weight Loss System Gives You 8 Applications in One Box so You can Contour and Shape any Part of Your Body. Slimmin’ Suzie has Proven Volcanic Clay with Salon Ingredients that were Previously only Available in Salons. Your Body is Full of Metabolic Waste that has Accumulated from an Unhealthy Diet, Cosmetics and the Environment. Too Many Environmental Toxins the Body Starts to Create More Lymphatic Fluid Around Your Cells in an Effort to Dilute them. All this Extra Fluid Makes You Puffy. The Volcanic Clay Breaks Down the Stored Lymphatic Fluids and Toxins and then are Eliminated by the Body. It Pulls Interstitial Fluid (Liquid Between the Cells of the Body) and Melts Away Inches from Wrapped Body Parts. Specially Designed to Extract the Toxins from Between the Cells, then the Space Between the Cells where the Fluids and Toxins were is Compacted and Compressed by the Elastic Bandage, Contouring and Reshaping your Body. Use a Body Exfoliator on Desired Area to Exfoliate skin, Open Pores and Remove Dead Skin for the Best Absorption. Apply the Body Clay to the Desired Area that You Would Like to Lose Inches, Detox or Tighten. Wrap with the Included Bandage to Keep the Clay in Place. This Compresses and Contours the Desired Area. Use Safety Pins to Help Clip the Bandage. Use Additional Saran Wrap Over the Bandages in Order to Keep Extra Heat in. Quick One Hour Application.

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