AYL 900 Lumens CREE LED Tactical Flashlight Review #AYLFlashlight

Thanks to AYL I received the 900 Lumens Tactical Flashlight for review. This flashlight is lightweight and adjustable. The silver body is attractive, but manly enough to make it look like a tool. That’s exactly what it is – a useful tool for lighting your way in dark and potentially dangerous situations. It’s small enough that you can put it in your glove box, center console compartment, emergency drawer, purse or even pocket. Whether you are traveling, hiking, waiting through a power outage or doing work under the car or house this flashlight is very bright and very handy.


The light beam is adjustable with a slide out zoom lens. The farther out you pull the lens the more focused the beam becomes. The flashlight has 5 modes as well –

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low Beam
  • Strobe
  • SOS function

All beam modes are zoomable.

There are two things I did not like about this flashlight.  First was the placement of the on/off switch on the bottom of the body.  I understand because of the zoom lens and the compact body it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to put the switch on the side which would be most convenient.  Second, the switching between modes happens whether you light tap the switch OR press down to turn off and then back on.  SO, if you accidentally press down hard and turn it off it will NOT turn back on to the previous mode, it will go on to the next mode and you’ll have to cycle around all of them in order to find the one you want again.  I guess this is convenient for one handed operation, but it is a little annoying when you are trying to find the right beam.

This tactical flashlight is also water resistant.  It can be used in heavy rain.  I have not tried this, although I could probably try it out in the shower to see how it works in a downpour.  I wonder what would happen if you dropped it in a puddle though. . . I feel a silly test coming on. Though I’d hate to ruin the flashlight as we are always losing ours to two curious little girls who love to play hide and seek with our emergency flashlights. 🙁

The last AYL flashlight we received for review is the best one we have had in the house until now.  They are mommy’s flashlights and they know not to run off with them or face my wrath! 😛  These are better than any we have purchased at local hardware stores by far – even with their little quirks.


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