Organize Your Kitchen with YouCopia {Review & Giveaway – ends 3/30}

There are so many things that take place in the kitchen.  It really is the hub of your home.  Everyone has to eat and whether it’s getting some fruit and cereal or cooking up a gourmet meal people spend a lot of time in and around their kitchens.  Frequently, people, myself included, struggle with keeping our plastic storage containers, pots, pans and lids, cookie sheets and cutting boards organized.  They are either jumbled in a drawer, sprawled all over a shelf or weighed down in an unmanageable stack.

YouCopia has developed three storage rack solutions which require very little assembly to help organize these areas. I received one of each of the following to try for the purposes of review.  The StoreMore LidHolder helps to stand and arrange pot and pan lids in an easy to access fashion.  The StoreMore BakewareRack can be used easily for cookie sheets, shallow baking pans and even cutting boards.  The Drawer StoraStack holds 12 common size plastic containers and lids in a drawer or shelf to maximize space.


My favorite one by far is the StoreMore LidHolder.  Trying to store my pots, pans and lids in an organized fashion on the shelf space I have available always ended up in headaches, heavy stacks and something inevitably crashing to the floor.  At first I was skeptical that the rack was going to hold my largest lid in the shelf space available, but when I spaced the metal rack spacers properly it allowed my largest lids to tilt at a sufficient enough angle to stay in the rack, fit height-wise in the space and still have plenty of room for the full rack to fit depth-wise also.  I ended up having a few more lids than spaces available in the rack, but I was able to improvise and carefully stack the smaller lids between the large ones on the rack.

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The Drawer StorAStack ended up taking up more room than it saved for the number of plastic storage containers we have in our kitchen.  Most of them didn’t even fit in the little holder clip because of wider lips than normal and I ended up with a lot of wasted space in between the stacks.  The process did make me take inventory of what containers and lids I had that actually matched, but it did not work as well as I had hoped for the kinds of containers we use regularly.

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The StoreMore BakewareRack is practical, but I did not have a good place in my cupboards for it to fit once full.  All my cabinets have a shelf and the cookie sheets and cutting boards are quite large.  I will be adjusting some space in my larger pantry closet to accommodate it because I do like the way it holds up my bakeware and cutting boards and keeps them from sliding sideways or creating an unmanageably heavy stack.  You can see it takes up quite a bit of room on my counter top, but until my husband grouses about it OR the setup gets in the way it will have to do.


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