#ActivaNaturalsGreensSuperfood Berry Antioxidant & Probiotic Powder Review

Thanks to Activa Naturals I received a complimentary sample for review. Greens are something I use daily in addition to homemade probiotics like water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha. It would be added daily to my husband’s and my breakfast smoothies.

At the time that I received this jar of probiotic greens powder I was suffering with painful stomach burning and inflammation. Now I believe that complications from some broken teeth that had to be removed were throwing my system into an imbalanced state. When it became too painful to eat solid foods I would make myself a smoothie with protein powder and a scoop of the Activa Naturals. Sometimes I even just took the powder alone in some water. My hope was that the fiber, greens, probiotic blend and peppermint would help soothe the pain and get things moving again. It really felt like my guts were so inflamed that all peristalsis had ceased. Within 30 minutes to an hour of consuming the greens powder the burning in my stomach stopped and I didn’t feel quite so bloated.

It took getting my teeth pulled and a course of antibiotics to get rid of everything that was causing problems. BUT the greens powder did play an essential roll in shoring up my immune system even while I took the antibiotics. Antibiotics don’t discriminate they kill all the bacteria in your body – good and bad. This supplement along with plenty of vitamin C, yogurt and milk kefir in between doses of clindamycin helped to prevent a resurgence of bad bacteria.

This natural, vegan and gluten free greens super food supplement from Activa Naturals was not only tasty, but in my personal experience it made me feel better when it seemed nothing was helping.

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