Study Time is Here!

Can you believe the summer flew by so quickly?  It seems like just yesterday we were packing up the old schoolbooks and getting ready for a summer of fun in the sun!  Time goes by so fast.  I tell my girls all the time to appreciate and take advantage of the time they have now to be at home, going to school and hanging out together.  Before they know it they’ll be graduated, ready to fly the coop and take on the responsibilities of adulthood.


Looking back I know I didn’t appreciate my lot in life as much as I should have when I was in school.  Part of my problem was I didn’t organize my study habits.  Being a homeschooling mother of two I’ve learned that flashcards are a wonderful tool for memorization of vocabulary, time lines and concepts that are key in lessons and will show up on tests.   Flash cards aren’t just for elementary school kids.  Everyone from kindergarten to Grad School can benefit from this learning aid.  Using them is a great way to pull out the most important parts of your class notes.  It’s not reasonable to think everyone is going to carry around rings, packets and boxes of flash cards for every class.  In this day and age you have so many online tools at your disposal, like, to create, organize and share your electronic flashcards on any subject. As long as you have a smart phone, laptop/pc, ultrabook, or tablet available you’ll have access to your study tools.

Are you ready for “study time”?  Here are some tips to get you thinking about how to set up a proper study area and time.

  • Make sure you get organized.  Have all your books, notes, flash cards and computer/tablet in one place so you aren’t digging for your stuff later.  This should be easy if it’s  a daily class, but if you are prone to scatter (like me) this is going to take some real thought and effort.
  • Choose a quiet place with little to no distraction.
  • You’ll need a comfortable, but not too comfortable, place to sit.  This is thinking time, not nappy time. 🙂
  • Though you think it may help, resist the urge to listen to music while you study.  You’ll get more out of your time. 
  • Let your family, friends or roommates know that you need quiet time without distraction.  Put your phone on silent, don’t check your email and stay off of social networks unless you are studying with someone else using these methods.  

It may be early in the school year but that first big test. . . and finals time is right around the corner.

What is/was your favorite subject in school?  What’s your favorite way to prepare for a test?

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